Eyelash Extensions

Semi-Permenent Eyelash Extensions

*Please note we do not carry out infills on lashes which have been done by another salon/therapist.

Individual eyelash extensions provide length and thickness to the natural eyelashes enhancing the look of the eyes without the need for mascara!

Classic Eyelash Extensions

These are applied to each individual lash with 1 lash extension and can last up to 6 weeks therefore the thickness of the set is determined by how many natural lashes the client has. Each extension will fall out with your natural eyelashes during the 6 week period as they naturally shed. Please allow 2 hours for the first full set, infills will be required every 2-3 weeks.

  • Classic full set
    Classic infills

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

This is applying a handmade fan of ultra fine eyelash extensions in multiples of 2-6 extensions to one single natural lash. This provides a thicker and softer appearance to the set even if the client has sparse natural lashes. Lash safety is at the forefront of our decision on which size lashes to use, if the clients lashes are particularly sparse there is still a limit as what thickness of set can be achieved.

Please allow 3 hours for the first full set, infills will be required every 3-4 weeks. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this treatment.

  • Russian Volume full set
    Russian Volume infills