Semi-Permanent Lip Blush

Lip Blush

Semi-permanent lip blush treatment is the ideal solution to add definition and colour to your lips giving a more youthful appearance.  As we age the natural colour of our lips can reseed and we can lose the appearance of volume which we once had.  With this treatment we can restore definition of the lip line as well as correct any asymmetry plus boost the colour throughout the lip shape.

Benefits to having Lip Blush

-Youthful appearance

-Defined shape

-Asymmetry correction

-Adds colour saving time applying lipstick

-No smudged lipstick

The treatment involves 2 appointments, 6 weeks apart.  Allow 2-2.5 hours per appointment.

A consultation appointment is required first where we discuss your requirements and colour choices.  It is best to bring with you your usual lipstick so we can closely match this to our pigments.

A top up treatment is recommended every 12-18 months to give the colour longevity.